Post-transaction events in Django

So, at work I’m using Django quite a bit, and I ran into a problem where I need the database transaction to be committed, and then I need to trigger additional server-side code that will act on that data.

Putting all of this into the view function with a manually managed transaction sucks, far too much code. There’s transaction middleware, but by then your view function has returned. What to do?

Simple. I added my own middleware, and I return a new property that I tag into the HttpResponse object. Python is flexible enough to allow this hack.


So in my MslEventMiddleware, I look for a new property in the response, and if it’s present, I execute the requested command, which will happen after the TransactionMiddleware has called commit.

    def process_response(self, request, response):
        if hasattr(response, 'mslevent'):

Simple enough. Although a real post-processing API in Django would be helpful.


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